We Are form + alloy

Following your passion is the not so secret ingredient that makes life worth living. Our company founders learned this the hard way following roads that led them down not so passionate paths. While working in tech, and pressing buttons at a desk all day they day dreamed about leaving their drab offices. Dreams of working in spaces that inspired them and soothed their souls with beautiful aesthetics. Working from home seemed like a pipe dream. While they knew their homes would make for better inspiration, their bosses feared to let employees out from their watchful eyes.

Times have changed since those days but dreams of working on spaces with soothing aesthetics and products that are good for the soul have not.

From these dreams the form + alloy family was born.

You see, one of our founders, Sandra Motylewski, didn’t always work in boring tech pressing buttons. There was a time that she worked with her family in their decades old architectural glass business. Planting the seeds in her soul that would create her future dreams of owning an architectural products baby of her own.

With decades of experience and a family of craftsmen and visionaries behind her, she knew there was possibility. A possibility of fusing her passion for design, wellness, and sustainability. She wanted to procure products that were not only sustainably manufactured but whose materials could be reused on the planet long after she was gone. She wanted to represent product lines that were backed by others with the same vision. The same passion for creating aesthetics that would soothe a stressful day and bring a sense of wellbeing to all those that encountered the spaces.

Joined by her husband Zachary Walker, he too came from a background in tech but with a twist. Stepping into that traditional entrepreneurial role, his hands were always in a variety of different pots. From web design to user-experience and platform creation all the way to jewelry design. He’s always had an eye for great aesthetics, within technology and the world surrounding him.

Curiosity led him to spend a few years working around the family architectural glass business with a goal to learn more. As with everything in life, timing and a continued interest in tech lead him back to the world of the machines but not for long. The architectural world still had a hold on him and after a few years, he decided he would step away. The vision of building a better architectural materials company with his family was much more enticing.

Today, they have put that vision in place and are on a new path in an ever-changing industry. Using knowledge spanning several decades coupled with sophisticated products, form + alloy is opening a new door to better architectural products for years to come.