Perforated Metals

Perforated metals are supporting incredible designs in today’s architectural landscape.  They can be used in a variety of applications including rain-screen cladding, ceilings, railings, facades, and other elements of decoration.  These versatile solutions not only look modern but blend seamlessly with glass, wood, and stone building materials. 

The diversity and asymmetrical shapes of perforations offer very simple and cost effective solutions that can be used to accent new buildings or “revive” older structures.  Our perforation patterns are essentially unlimited and patterns can be created in size, shapes, and features that meet all of today’s design trends.  

form + alloy specializes in the production of perforated metal sheets from concept to completion and our only limitation is the imagination of the designer.

Perforated panels assist in providing privacy without compromising visibility and light

Size Max: 200′ x 100′
Material Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Zinc
Perforation Circle, Square, Diamond, Cross, Hexagon
Imaging Any custom image or desired artwork
Applications Facade, Wall, Screen, Ceiling

The Fine Details


Perforated panels are a great solution to reduce cooling costs by shading building exteriors and assisting in the reduction of energy bills.


Our unique perforation design and fabrication process allows us to reproduce irregular patterns or guidelines exactly to your specifications and cut them into the panels. From concept to inception we are able to realize unique design and movement through perforation.


We developed unique facade systems using the Moiré effect. As a result, observers who move against panel walls get the illusion of motion on the facades.

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