Frequently Asked Questions


Where is form + alloy based?

Los Angeles. Our sister company bianco glass is headquartered in Chicago.


What exactly does form + alloy do?

We are materials brokers for commercial and residential architectural products. Our clients rely on us to handle the sourcing and logistics behind specific materials related to their projects. With our process, they are able to maximize quality while retaining budgeting peace of mind.


Do you do residential and commercial work?

Yes. Our collection of sophisticated architectural products are utilized in both residential and commercial applications. We review each project from a holistic design perspective and ensure that our team can incorporate our products with function and proper aesthetic.


Do you have a showroom?

Currently we do not have a showroom in Los Angeles, however we have plans to open up space in late 2020. Our sister company bianco glass currently has a showroom in Chicago where you can find a few of our product offerings.


What do you mean when you say sophisticated and sustainable regarding your products?

We’re incredibly committed to sustainability and strive to lace it into all aspects of our business. Our products are all created from recyclable materials and we are committed to meeting and exceeding energy standards of LEED design. On top of this, our manufacturing facilities run on solar power so our fabrication doesn’t cause a drain on the environment.


What is the experience of your team?

We are a family-owned and operated company that has decades of experience within the architecture industry. Our in-house Design Specialists have worked on countless projects that include Nobu Hotels, the residence of Michael Jordan, and luxury fashion stores like BVLGARI. Learn more about our projects in our portfolio.