Antique Mirrors

Humans have always been attracted to reflections of light and the surfaces that support them.  While early man gazed at this spectacle in pools of water, future generations polished obsidian stones and then bronze and silver to admire themselves.

Since the invention of glass mirrors by the Romans in the I Century, the objects have held a magical quality that humans have continued to be drawn to.  From Socrates encouraging his students to gaze upon their reflections and get in touch with their souls, to Leonardo DiVinci’s invention of a “secret code” that could only be viewed in a mirror – the mirrors pull can be identified throughout our history.

Today mirrors are an integral part of space design and function. Their function is multi-faceted from being an eye catching art piece, bouncing light around a room to open the space, and allowing those that pass by to catch a glimpse of their beauty before heading out the door.

Our antique mirrors pay homage to the history of reflective surfaces and illuminate spaces with timeless designs.

We have been perfecting the art of mirrors for over 30 years and our in-house craftsmen are experts at creating mirror masterpieces that are both functional and artistic

Glass Clear, Etched, Tinted, Textured
Thickness 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″
Silvering Stock and Custom Hand Silvering
Distress All levels of Distress in Antique Styles

The Fine Details


Our centuries old antiquing process was passed down by Louis Gerrardo of Bergamo, Italy in 1924 and our in-house craftsmen have been perfecting this unique art form for over 40 years. In today’s world, only a handful of mirror artists continue this timeless process and we are proud to be one of the studios through which the artform lives on.


We hand antique all of our mirrors to create unique and one of a kind pieces that can not be replicated. While we are able to create a range of distress levels and color variations each piece is custom made and unique.


Our silvering and antiquing process can be utilized on a variety of glass types and textures to create layers and depth.

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