Interior Aluminum Doors + Walls  by

German made Raumplus aluminum door and wall solutions are manufactured to the last centimeter with precision and love.  These custom elements are perfect for creating open-plan interiors that don’t suffocate while achieving jaw dropping aesthetics. 

High aesthetics. Superior functions.

Solutions Entrance Doors, Closets, Room Dividers, Pantry Doors,  Sloped Ceilings,
Color Light Bronze Anodized, Matte Black Powder Coated, Silver Anodized, White Powder Coated, + Entire Range of RAL colors
Size  No size limitations
Glazing Custom architectural glass and mirror options
Lighting LED Strip Lighting available

The Fine Details


We believe that wellbeing is synonymous with beauty and aesthetics. From narrow sightlines to over 200 color and lighting options the beauty of Raumplus systems create an unforgettable experience from the inside out and outside in.


The functionality of Raumplus solutions is incredibly versatile and our systems serve as doors, room dividers, built-in closets, corner solutions, office enclosures and more. Innovative mechanics allow for synchronized movement that can disappear into walls or close off rooms when the need arises.


Sustainability and energy efficiency is extremely important to us and our team is committed to doing our part to positively impact the planet everyday.

Our Raumplus systems are not only 100% recyclable and reusable but their packaging consists of recycled paper to decrease our impact on the world.

Our Portfolio

Our impact on space and wellbeing has spanned the globe and we want to share our passion for sustainable design with youFrom cozy spaces you call home, to the commercial environments that impact your life, we source products that make you feel good.

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